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Sherman's March Marker Dedication

Date/Time: 11/30/2018 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Category: Special Events
Place: GPS 32.7974,-82.332

Address: Old Savannah Road, old Noah's Ark church


Sherman’s March Marker to Be Unveiled on Friday, November 30

Georgia Civil War Heritage Trails, Inc. (GCWHT) announces the unveiling and dedication of its latest Sherman’s March historical marker at 10:00 a.m., November 30, at the site of the old Noah’s Ark Church (GPS: 32.7974, -82.332) on the Old Savannah Road, west of the Cross and Green Community in northern Emanuel County. The marker commemorates Union General William Tecumseh Sherman’s camp on the night of November 30, 1864. In addition to GCWHT, this marker placement is sponsored by the Emanuel County Historic Preservation Society and has been supported by the Emanuel County Commissioners, the Swainsboro-Emanuel County Joint Development Authority, and the property owners. The public is invited for the brief ceremony.

On the afternoon of November 29, 1864, nearly 28,000 Union troops (17th Corps and 15th Corps) crossed into Emanuel County. The 17th Corps, accompanied by General William Sherman, made camp along what was then the “Savannah Road.” The next morning they broke camp and marched to “Three Points” (today the intersection of the Old Savanah road and Highway 56), turned north, crossed the Ogeechee River at Midville and made camp for the night of November 30. For the roughly 5,000 Emanuel countians in 1864, the arrival of 28,000 Union soldiers in one afternoon was a traumatic and fearful event, bringing the war home. Because a large portion of white, military-aged men were away in Confederate service, the remaining old men, women, and children saw property damaged or destroyed, livestock seized, and precious foodstuffs taken, in many cases finding themselves destitute as a result. The small slave population in the county suffered similarly, but for them Sherman’s arrival also marked the first local manifestation of what they believed the war was about—liberation.

The historical marker, “The Savannah Road,” represents the second GCWHT marker to be dedicated in Emanuel County (the other being “Pine Barrens Crossroads” at the intersection of Highway 57 and the Old Savannah Road) in the series of over sixty interpretive markers that have been placed in recent years from Atlanta to Savannah commemorating Sherman’s March from Atlanta to Savannah, one of the signal events of the American Civil War.

Directions: From Swainsboro, take U.S. 1 north; turn right onto the Wadley-Coleman Lake Road; pass through Cross and Green community; turn right on the Old Savannah Road (unpaved); Noah’s Ark Church will be on your right.