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Hall & Navarro consists of three attorneys, all specializing in litigation.

Senior partner, Mike Hall, started his own legal practice in 1990. After several years in the District Attorney’s office, Martha Hall, joined Mike to form Hall Law Group, P.C. Mike and Martha expanded their practice with the addition of Paige Boykin Navarro in 2014 after Paige graduated from law school. Paige remained with the firm and was promoted to Partner in 2018, when Hall & Navarro, LLC was formed. Hall & Navarro maintains offices in Bulloch, Effingham, and Emanuel counties, and consists of 13 employees.


Hall & Navarro consists of three attorneys, all specializing in litigation. The firm represents clients going through divorce, custody disputes, adoption, bankruptcy, or facing criminal charges. With over 60 years of combined legal experience, the three lawyers have earned the respect of clients and Georgia’s legal community by providing the highest quality legal work, professionalism, and ethical standards. Their attorneys practice in many courtrooms, from local municipal courts to the Supreme Court of Georgia. They have a mission to provide fearless representation for clients during the toughest moments of their lives. Hall & Navarro’s values are to be respectful, be dedicated, and work hard. Their goal is always to provide the best legal representation to as many people as they can. To do that, they’ve spent a lot of time and effort training their team members and “mastering their craft”. Hall & Navarro also expanded their offices to better serve rural communities, where finding great legal representation may be more difficult than in bigger cities. They hope to continue expanding and growing so more communities can have access to cost-effective, top-notch legal services.


Hall & Navarro, LLC initially set a goal to open a Swainsboro office in December of 2019. Paige Navarro has a unique connection to Emanuel County, as her father owned his own business within the county for 23 years of her life. She worked there as a teenager and then as a college student on school breaks, and she still maintains many of the connections made while working in that business. When Navarro began working with Mike and Martha in 2014, she stated that it was great to see they already had a well-established client base in the Middle Judicial Circuit (including Candler, Emanuel, Jefferson, Toombs, and Washington counties). She enjoys practicing in the smaller counties and has truly enjoyed meeting other lawyers and working with the court staff in the circuit. The firm realized in 2019 that they had enough business in the Middle Judicial Circuit to warrant an additional office location, and for Navarro, choosing Emanuel County was a no-brainer. There were some delays due to COVID-19, but Hall & Navarro is excited to finally be open. Everything has come together beautifully, starting with the amazing office space they were able to lease in Downtown Swainsboro. They feel they’ve been blessed to relocate one of their existing employees to this new office and have already been able to start providing valuable services to community members that did not previously have access to the firm’s other locations.


Hall & Navarro, LLC is a new business in the Emanuel County area, so they’re excited to be members of the Chamber and become more involved in the community. They have already become involved by sponsoring the Emanuel County Farmer’s Market. An interesting fact about the firm is that the business takes semi-annual retreats, where the team members from all three offices can get together and build true friendships. Their team members, along with their spouses and children, all have great relationships and enjoy spending time together even outside of formal office functions!



112 West Main Street

Swainsboro, GA 30401


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Friday 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM


Phone Number: (478) 331-6400




Social Media:  Facebook ( and Instagram (@hall_navarro)