TSPLOST on May Ballot


The Transportation Investment Act of 2010 (TIA), known unofficially as TSPLOST, provides regions throughout Georgia the ability to impose a 1% sales tax to fund transportation improvements within their region. TSPLOST will be on the ballot in the May Primary. This is NOT a new tax but a continuation of an existing tax. You will not spend any more tax dollars for this category than you are currently. All your region's TIA funds stay in your region, and everything funded is selected by people in your region. Not only do your TIA proceeds make large, regional projects happen, but millions of dollars in discretionary funds go right to communities to pay for necessary local projects and items. From vehicles to sidewalks to signage, discretionary funds make a real difference in our towns and counties.

Emanuel County has had 8 projects completed with TSPLOST funds. Without these funds, the millage rate would need to increase by 1.8 mils in order to continue to fund these projects.

Be sure to VOTE YES on the ballot in May!