Pine Tree 100 Race Winners

Congratulations to the winners!

A record crowd showed up to Swainsboro Raceway for the Pine Tree 100 on Saturday, April 30th. Over 160 racers in 7 divisions signed in to pick up the prestigious Pine Tree trophies and prize money. Wrightsville's Basik Truth delivered a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem and Amazing Grace.

Swainsboro Raceway wants to thank everyone who came out and supported the Pine Tree 100. It was a wonderful kick-off to Emanuel County's Pine Tree festivities.

Roger McKenzie
Rustic Grill Street Stock 
Justin Hart
Daniels Chevrolet Road Warrior.
Trynt Lloyd
Southland Insurance 602
John Ruggerio, JR
Zaxby’s Crate Model
Wesley Watkins
Smith’s Roll Offs Crown Vic Jr.s
Chase Litchfield
Lynn & Bobs Crown Vic Pro’s
Andrew Smith